Predict the future - crowdsourced. With GNOSIS.
A ConsenSys Formation

Based on the next generation crypto currency network Ethereum.
Make complex predictions with an easy to use prediction market.

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How It Works:


Trade any kind of information.

Financial, Sport & News

Gnosis enables you to make predictions on all kinds of events. Everyone can vote by buying and selling shares of different outcomes thus creating a platform for crowdsourced information.

Possible markets:

  • Who will win an election?
  • How high will the price of a resource be?
  • Which public figure will get married soon?

The power lies within decentralization

Gnosis is building the software to run a prediction market in a decentralized manner. Gnosis is not operating the software, instead the software runs directly on the decentralized Ethereum network. This way anyone can participate despite possible restrictions.


Make complex predictions.
Let the crowd predict the future.

Gnosis software lets you make different types of predictions. "Who will be the next president of the United States?" is a multi-outcome-prediction. Another kind of predictions are numeric-predictions. "What is the price of resource X end 2015?" is a numeric-prediction. Shares can be bought for any number/price in a given range. Everyone participating in the Ethereum-network can buy shares of different outcomes. The price of the shares provides the likelihood of different outcomes.

Gnosis enables you to combine arbitrary predictions to form new and more complex predictions. For example one can create a prediction to gain knowledge about how likely the event "Democratic party wins in 2016 if Hillary Clinton becomes the Democratic candidate" is.